Tutorial: Creating an Appointment Booking System

Hi everyone,
to celebrate 1000 subscribers, I share on my youtube channel a tutorial on how to create a booking system.
I have seen many clients and forum users needing help with this, as it is common to build an app where you can hire experts and book slots with them.
In this app, specifically you can choose between several coaches to book, see their availabilities on a calendar, select a date, then select an hour, and make a request to book, that the coach can then see and approve.

Hope this helps someone
let me know if you have a question.
will provide a second video on this soon too, to explain in more detail an advanced option.

best regards

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Thanks for the video, really helped.

But how can the coaches determine what time they are available for?

many people asked so i created this follow on tutorial


Great video, thank you!

For more details, can we have access to your demo project ? It will help me a lot for some ajustment.

Thank you again