Bubble Coaching Marketplace Announcement

Hi everyone,

Happy new years!

We have an exciting announcement for the Bubble ecosystem today: we have officially launched the Bubble Coaching Marketplace! This marketplace (found at bubble.io/coaching) will allow Bubble users to book time with experts to accelerate their progress, troubleshoot blockers, and learn Bubble faster.

We took a look at where we were headed with bootcamps and other educational resources for learning Bubble and accelerating entrepreneurs, and we realized there was a big opportunity to build and promote a 1-to-1 format for learning in a higher touch way.

There are a few main reasons why we would launch this marketplace internally, rather than just having the Bubble community continue to develop them organically. Firstly, centralization of coaching talent into one place makes it a lot more discoverable, especially for newer users. We have a lot of amazing coaches and freelancers in our community already, but these resources can sometimes be hard to find or hard to rank in terms of relevance to your project. Second, we can employ a vetting process and leverage our support resources to make sure experiences are more positive than what you might find on similar gig sites with Bubble freelancers. Third, collecting reviews will eventually allow us to promote great talent and enable coaches to better promote their services and gain more visibility in the ecosystem. Fourth, there are ways to hire individual freelancers, but not a lot of ways to invest in short-term problem solving on your Bubble journey; many users don’t just want someone to do it for them, they want to learn how to do it themselves. Additionally, this will allow us to feature coaches who can provide support for more communities of non-English speaking Bubble users.

Currently, the marketplace will work as follows:

  1. Book a session with the coach of your choice
  2. Schedule a session in their calendar
  3. When the session is complete (and not before), the client is charged
  4. The client leaves a review
  5. The coach is paid regularly each month

We’re currently launching with a limited number of coaches to pilot and assess demand from the community. We know that there will likely be broad interest in being featured on the marketplace, but know that we’re not opening up the marketplace completely just yet. For now, you can use the form on the main marketplace page to provide us more information about yourself, which we’ll keep on hand for the next batch of coaches we onboard.

With appreciation and excitement,


Great initiative and good to see the mix of countries and languages for teachers :metal:


Hey @ethanreeder :wave:

Thanks you guys! Really looking forward to seeing where this goes. :blush: Nice to finally get Bubble’s approval on coaching as a legitimate resource for Bubblers.

Good job! :clap:

@j805 www.NoCodeMinute.com

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  • One-on-One Tutoring
  • eLearning Hub
  • Video Tutorials
  • No-Code Classes

This is cool :eyes: Now we have a place to point new Bubblers to “legit” coaches :blush:


Thanks @J805 for being part of the launch!


Super excited for this :slight_smile: Nice work team @Bubble

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This is really nice! Good luck!

The page also has a minor issue.

Videos look too small on mobile.

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thanks for flagging, we fixed it


Great initiative!

Couple of things I’ve noticed:
When you play the video and close the popup, you can still hear the video running in the background (macOS Big Sur, Safari). Known issue for years :slight_smile:

Also, you can check the text boundaries as they are going out of the popup window (right side).


Thank you for the catch!

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Hi there congrts on launch. Coach Page acts funny on mobile 320 px wide


Hi, is the MP already open ? And are they tutors who speak french? Bubble is quite complicated and having explanations in English is more complicated for me.

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Currently we don’t have a coach who speaks french, but we’re working to onboard one in the coming week!


Thank you for the heads up!

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Is there anyone that speak Spanish?

You can sort by language, in your case it would be Spanish. To answer your question, yes @mariel.vargas

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One thing I’ve noticed as a UX issue is the popup doesn’t have a close icon at the top…without scrolling down to see the cancel button and the styling I was unaware it was a popup…on my first few views I was looking to press the browser back button, which was not available, and I thought there was an issue with replacing the browser history when a coach’s profile was clicked.

This caused me to close the window and re-open the page again.

Might be help to place a small X at the top right of the popup that also closes the popup.


@j805 Gets my vote. Fantastic coach I could never have done my project without.


@ethanreeder Great beginnings!

I have some feedback based on my experience trying to book coaches here.

  1. It is annoying to ‘book’ a coach and have my card authorized before even choosing a time slot. Too many times I’ve finally got to the coaches calendar and found they aren’t available when I need them and I just leave without booking the session. It would seem logical to book sessions by selecting a time slot first and then get charged.

  2. From the bubble directory it would seem like the coaching sessions are 1hr long. However, once I choose a coach I find out some only offer 30 minute sessions. Again, this would be ok if I’m able to first select a coach and a time slot before booking… However, in this instance, I had submitted a long explanation of what I was looking for help with but wont be able to book this coach because only 30 minute slots available.

  3. Personally, I’d like to hire a coach for 2 hours to get me through a roadblock but from the directory I have no clue if its possible or how to accomplish this.


Thank you for the feedback Ralph! I definitely empathize with your experience with the scheduling system. Just to reiterate, we took a lo-fi approach to begin with (which unfortunately means a less intuitive booking UI and relying on calendly) in order to get this up quickly and see what demand from the Bubble universe looks like. In the future, I would love to work to improve these issues, and can certainly update when / as they roll out.