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↙ Any Image Compressor - New Plugin from Zeroqode

Any Image compressor is the best image optimizer for compressing images of any format to the smallest possible size. Upload multiple images and reduce the file size of your images at once. It also allows converting images from JPEG to Png format and also compressing images from URL.

Live demo:


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Thanks @levon for this plugin

For a simpler UX, I would like my users to only have to upload their photo, and for Bubble to automatically compress the uploaded photo. In other words, I do NOT want users click to upload a photo, and then have to click a separate button to compress the photo. (I only need to do one photo at a time, not multiple photos.)

How could I set up a workflow to automatically compress a photo that is uploaded onto the Compress Upload element?

Thank you

I think I figured it out…just needed to set the workflow event to Do When Uploader is Changed


Hello @greg18, thank you for your messages, and thanks for using our plugin!

Happy to hear that you sorted it out so fast, sorry for not getting back to you before you figured it out :relaxed:

Let us know if there is anything we can assist you with!

Zeroqode Support Team