Any Music Player Wizards out there?

We have a music web3 app built and everything works but the music player on the mobile keeps shutting off randomly once the phone goes dark. We haven’t been able to fix it. Any thoughts, or peeps want to take a stab at it? Our website is and the app is at, or you can hit the button on the homepage of our site. I can’t afford to pay someone to try to do it, so you have to be able to do it 100%. Already spent money down that road. This is why I think it’s a real challenge and am not sure if anyone can fix it. I hope I’m wrong. Thanks everyone!

IOS doesn’t support it for PWA. Gotta be native to do this.

The browser version of our app works, in that if I open it in the browser and let it play it keeps going after the phone goes dark. The pwa version, which is also just a browser window, does not. Thought they should work the same roughly. No?

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