Any native app builders here?

I need to get a native app built that integrates with my bubble database as I need some of the app functionality available offline. So far I think the only solution to getting offline functionality is to build a ‘replica’ native app that integrates to my bubble database but open to discussing other options.

Note I am NOT talking about wrapping.

Anyone able to help? Or have any helpful suggestions? :slight_smile:


You could use the bubble backend and have a fully native app on the front end

Agree with @jared.gibb ! Best way to go :+1:t2:

@khrapkove Did not know about Bubble providing certifications. Can you please point to where that is done? :grinning:


thanks @jared.gibb and @cmarchan I’ll check it out :slight_smile:

Do you guys know much about it? Can it do everything that bubble can do? As in would any of the functionality I have in my bubble app not be able to be recreated in Thunkable?


I would take advantage of Thunkable’s native assets for offline use and all other logic to be handled by Bubble.

It still would be an intricate connection where you would need to concentrate the key dB objects that handle logic and content in the brain system which in this case would be Bubble.

If you only want a mobile offline solution with no admin web function then maybe it would be better to handle everything via one system in this case Thunkable. Having said this, it would be hard to think of a scenario where you would not need a desktop type admin panel which you would not have with Thunkable only.

I have not done any projects with Thunkable yet. I have played with it on the surface and watched some videos on how it works. It is pretty complete!

Thanks @cmarchan - I need to keep my web app as users do like the ability to use on desktop but there’s a feature in my app used largely ‘in the field’ where internet connection can be low or nil at times…so that’s why I’m looking to build a complimentary ‘on the go’ native app with offline functionality that still syncs back to bubble database.

The feature I need is mostly fairly straightforward ‘form’ style report that users create BUT there is functionality on there where users drop reference points on an image (think like markers on a map location but it’s not a map :slight_smile:) which is the piece I’m wondering if Thunkable can handle…but of course can do my own research on that if no one knows off hand :slight_smile:

I think using the canvas component, you could
Load an image as the background, drop a sprite, move it around, and return its x,y coordinates

I got my start in the nocode world with Thunkable. Might be able to help solve issues over there! There’s great support sometimes on the forums there.

Ooooh thanks @jared.gibb! I’m going to check it out for another app I’d like to build too which needs to access native gps and accelerometer (which I think I saw you could with Thunkable?)

I’m eagerly awaiting @vini_brito new plugin to drop because that will apparently allow bubble app to be converted to native app and access offline functionality - so might hold off until I can test that out and see if that’s going to be the ultimate weapon to super power bubble :slight_smile:

I can help with the server part of this app.