Connecting Thunkable --> Bubble

I would like to publish a native app on both iOS, Android and Webapp.
Thunkable X seems like the best solution for native apps.
I was wondering if anyone knew a way to connect Bubble’s backend to Thunkable native apps.

In short, use bubble as a backend for webapp, iOS and Android.

I’m open to other suggestions but stuff like Dropsource is expensive given the 1k price tag.

Thank you!

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I have used Thunkable to publish both iOS and android apps and it works like a charm. Highly recommend using it.



Were you able to connect it to the Bubble backend?

Those apps were essentially webapps wrapped in native. I haven’t tried connecting to the bubble backend but they do seem to support that.

Hello All,

I’m looking at thunkable right now and for anyone thinking about ios development - here’s a screen shot of the builder.

As for using bubbles data via Thunkable… here are the data options I was able to find.
Not sure if there are other options/ways but this is what I found so far

Can anyone else comment on if they’ve used this?

Looks like you’d leverage the Web API block. I may dive into some experimentation soon. The builder has definitely been updated since the last time I looked it, which was a couple years ago.

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