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Hey everyone,

What is the best native app builder you have found that I can create an app and connect it to my bubble database? I don’t want to have just a web page displayed in an app. I would like to build it so it is faster on the app. Any ideas on some easy “no code” native app builders out there? I want to keep bubble for the web app but would like to create a new app somehow more natively than just a “wrapper”. Any ideas out there?


Check out Dropsource. It’s definitely “low code,” but a lot of Bubblers use it to build native front-ends and connect to their Bubble back-ends via API.

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Thanks, that is definitely an option. $1,000/year when I want to deploy though, yikes! :slight_smile: Anything a little cheaper? I provide my app for free. That’s a lot for me to pay when I am providing a free app. D’oh. Still a good resource though. :slight_smile: Thanks! Might still try it out. Seems very simple.

Other thoughts?

Check out Kinetise, Thunkable, Supernova Studio (needs a Mac and some coding skills, tho). Those are the three, aside from Dropsource, that I’ve explored in the past.

FYI, Supernova Studio just got accepted into YCombinator, so they may have some tricks up their sleeves soon. They have a pretty active Slack group, as well.


Thanks. I will take a look. I work on a Mac :man_technologist:t2:so that’s good. Thanks for the suggestions. Seems like we are getting a pretty good list together.

Check I have heard about it but didn’t try it

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Look for free (see also new Let me know! :slight_smile:
We need to build an interface around it, so it will be 100% first Bubble Native app (if you have the skill) :grinning:

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Thanks you guys. These are really good suggestions that I will take a look at. This list keeps growing with some great ideas! :bulb: :bulb: :bulb:

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I started a project a while back to make a Sketch to Jasonette exporter. With Figma’s available API, might be time to revisit that idea


It’s awesome to have such a great collection of minds to glean from. If anyone else has more ideas please add them. It would be nice to have a nice long list of options.

Also check:
kodular io

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I have been playing a little on DropSource and Thunkable recently. Thunkable’s new release, Thunkable Cross Platform X, allows you to build apps that work on iOS and Android out-of-the-box.

I haven’t gotten too deep into the layout / design capabilities just yet. Overall, the DS demo’s I have seen have had better UI with less glitches. But I’m not sure how symptomatic that is of the platform. All projects on Thunkable are public and so the Community area is flooded with random builds from first-timers like me.

What I would say though is that I much prefer the ‘workflow’ approach being taken by Thunkable, and the overall feel of their platform. The way that you build out logic is more intuitive than on DropSource and you can construct pretty powerful tasks / functions. This includes loops, and complex conditionals. I also like their API handling - it feels very integrated - and have had good / quick results when combining with Bubble.

As an example, this workflow makes a call to Bubble (when button is pressed), extracts the property ‘secret’ from the Response, and then displays it in a text box.

Along with DropSource, Thunkable is definitely worth checking out.


Thanks. These are really good suggestions. Nice to have such a good list of options.

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Just read how simple it is to implement with jasonette. It uses json-rpc for two way communication, brilliant.

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Ya, I have been trying to figure that out, I was able to download it to xCode but couldn’t figure out how to get it to work. :confused:

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Will try it when I got some time over from my current freelance work.

I think my problem was my app is too large. Couldn’t get it to upload to the server properly. Maybe with a smaller app it would work.

What type of server do you use? I think you can use AWS S3 or even Github and as I understand it the jsonett will fetch the content from when it’s accessed by the Android/IOS app. I could be wrong there.

I was trying the free one that Jasonelle provides when following the steps to set it up. Couldn’t get it to work, I got the example to work just fine but not when I did my own large app.

Wondering if it is safe to use the free server or not, any thoughts?

I had the same issue. If you end up figuring out how to turn your bubble app into mobile by simply copy-pasting the url into his X-code project, let me know!