Any Reasons Not to Use Bubble?

As someone who has attempted to learn to code, Bubble has made things sooooo much easier. I quite learning to code when I found Bubble as it allowed me to create my app in a fraction of the time it would have taken me to build it if I continued down the path of learning to code.

That said, I have an idea for a new website that I’m really excited about. I’m contemplating whether to build it on Bubble or attempt to code it myself. The App is somewhat simple. People would be able to sign up and create new posts. For the most part it’s a basic CRUD app.

Bubble is the easy route to go. So are there any reasons not to use Bubble?

In thinking about this the only reasons I can think of not to use Bubble would be

  • I don’t have the code. There’s something about not owning the code that feels uneasy.
  • From some past posts I’ve read I have an impression that Bubble apps are kind of slow to load. This is not good for SEO. So that kind of worries me. Especially if the app is not hosted in a US region.
  • SEO. Reading some previous posts I also get the impression that Bubble is not the best solution if you need your site to be SEO optimized.

On the flip side my main reason for not coding it myself is because I know it’s going to take a long time to build as I’m still learning (React, Redux, NodeJS, etc…).

Would really appreciate some feedback on this before going down the rabbit hole of building this thing.

Hi, great questions!

My suggestion, you should keep learning to code if you have passion there. Bubble is great, but not the only answer. Great to keep learning and not focus on just one platform.

With that said, if you are just starting to build an app, go with Bubble 100%.

The power of Bubble is exactly what you stated… a fraction of the time to develop. Launch and get market validation as soon as you can.

So my advice is to start your idea with Bubble. If you pick up traction and are growing consistently, why move? When you start to see a problem with your app being slow (would require more than 1500 users on at once in my estimates) and SEO being a problem, look into other avenues.

Build on Bubble first always. Then explore if you need to hard-code the app while it’s already up and running, and hopefully profitable!


Many of us here are building prototypes on Bubble. Whether we explicitly call it that or not, we are building the first versions of a product.

Bubble, no doubt, can be used for building long-term (not just your prototype) applications. I’ve seen enough successes to be convinced of that. (My comments aren’t meant to imply Bubble is only for prototypes).

But, going back to our goal: Bubble makes it so much easier to build that users often forget that they are building a prototype: the goal is to build something that effectively solves a meaningful problem.

My advice to anyone looking to supplement their Bubble knowledge is to double down on product. Learn UI fundamentals, learn UX principles, concretely define your users and what you’re solving for.

My simplified formula:

  • Bubble + Product Management + UI/UX = Successful MVP
  • Bubble + [insert software language] + SEO Tinkering = Stalled MVP

I wholeheartedly believe it’s worthwhile to learn other programming languages. But the dividends of PM + UI/UX will pay substantially greater returns. Most of the non-successful projects I’ve seen on Bubble had a good idea at their core, but were inhibited by their usability / extent to which they solved a real problem. (Some of my own early Bubble experiments were squarely in that camp).


Great feedback. Thank you. So let’s say I have the app deployed using Bubble and then at some point I want to move it off of Bubble and onto my own code. Obviously, I don’t want the users to have to do anything. It should be seamless for them. Would there be any problems in moving the Users table (that houses the users passwords) from Bubble to whatever database solution I’m using?

Thanks for the great feedback/clarity. I do feel my idea is one people would find very valuable as it targets a niche in a way I have not seen done before that I know will give people more insight into it…

Since Bubble does make it so much easier to implement the logic, it definitely will free me up to focus more on the UI/UX side of things.

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@Nocodify and @dan1 state great advice :100: .

As for migrating off of Bubble in the future, user passwords would be the main hangup as you point out since they are hashed and unavailable to you, the app owner. It wouldn’t be too difficult to request people “reset” their passwords in a new application, but I understand the concern there. I’m curious if you built an app using only OAuth signup flows (Google, Facebook etc) if that would ease any account migration in the future… I’d imagine if you kept the same URL and API tokens you would be fine. With that in mind, everything else should be exportable using a combination of direct to CSV, configuring your own API workflows and endpoints to migrate data, and possibly digging into the JSON export that’s available from within your app’s editor. If you used a plugin like AWS File Uploader from the start (hosting all file data in your own S3 bucket) then that could also help in making it effortless for future data migration plans.


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