Moving from bubble to my own code base

I’m planning to get into bubble but I have one concern relating to migrating user info.

If I only allow sign in/up with Facebook, when I move away from bubble and create my own front and backend, will my user have to sign up again using Facebook? In that case will all the info stored under that user in my app be not associated with that user anymore?


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Up! This question actual and for me.
I want started create application for fast test, but i don’t want write code from zero for that.
And i think right now, how migrate from Bubble in the future to my code base, when app starts growth.
Maybe who know how migrate from Bubble to another back-end, example Python/Django or PHP etc.?

Hey folks!

At this time, there are a couple of things you can do:

  1. We support CSV data export, so you can grab your user data in a spreadsheet format and upload elsewhere;
  2. You can export your app as JSON, though this is not code that is optimized to work outside of the Bubble platform and is generally meant as a means of local backup for your Bubble app.

For a number of reasons, Bubble apps are designed to be hosted on Bubble servers, and cannot be otherwise exported at this time.

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Is this a feature you are looking to implement for agencies?

We do not have any plans to allow app export, though it is certainly something that we are continuously considering and evaluating, as it is frequently requested by our community.

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I would happily pay $1000 for an export as it would allow me to build for companies in a fraction of what they could do with regular coding.

I think this will be a huge opportunity to have the ability to export clean code that other developers can build upon.

Same here, especially if the front end is using react

But how would Bubble continue receiving revenues? I don’t see this as a viable business plan for bubble.


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Yeah gnelson I wish Bubble did that but you’re absolutely right that’s not a smart business move for them. Now maybe if they charged a large fee or short-term royalty then maybe.

I’m specifically requesting this for agencies.

Companies like Webflow and Ghost both allow to export the source code, they are generating millions in revenue because of this.


Sorry to revive this old conversation but I am curious about something: if Bubble proves to be more than sufficient for our use case, why would we want to migrate to our own code base later? Is it because Bubble can’t scale when the business grows? I am fairly new to Bubble. My partners and I have a well established logistics business. We are currently growing at a fast pace. We are however trying to move away from custom code as it’s proven to be expensive because none of us can code. We have to rely on developers who charge an arm and a leg and the development and feature deployment process can be quite slow. So far we’ve found that Bubble can achieve all the features we need for our business and we are pretty excited about it! What should we be concerned about as far as Bubble’s reliability and scalability is concerned?

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It’s actually more complex than the average need. Let’s say your web application is earning around $5,000 per month. You can’t really afford any downtime, thus a smart idea to implement load balancers along with a pretty robust server configuration.

You can’t do this with Bubble without paying at least $12,000 per year.

Thank you for your response! This is very interesting. Would the load balancing need to be done using an external service? What’s a good example of such a service?


There are so many options and its not something within my expertise. You can look more into it with Google.

I think it’s better to focus on building your MVP on Bubble. The infrastructure is only getting better by day :slight_smile:

Hey, I understand that you can export the database, but does that mean that images uploaded too get exported or just text data?

Thanks for the feedback. We actually ended up building our landing pages with Webflow and then built our app using angular on the front end, with SuiteCRM as the single source of truth. It took some customization to make the app effective but its worked great so far. Still a big fan of Bubble though.