Any regex help would be appreaicted

Hey guys

I was wondering does anyone have experience doing regex to seperate different paragraphs, such as: "
Section 1

Section 2

I want to have section 1 and section 2 saved into different data fields, but having trouble to use the regex to do so, does anyone have any idea?

There is probably a regex to do it in one pass, but you can easily do it with 3 steps:

  1. find and replace by regex

  2. split by your substitution

  3. filter out empty elements with each item is not empty

now you have a list of text with your contents

Thank you for the reply! I tested it out, when I did the third step it returns ‘yes’ and if I remove this step then all content shows up, I am trying to save the ‘first item’ of the result but seem like it is saving all content.

well, the regex was specific to the text that you posted:

without a clear delimiter between sections it gets messy. If the section title is bold using bb code you can try this regex on the first step \[b\].+\[\/b\] but it will get any other bold text in the paragraphs.

wrong step, my bad. Use filtered with the condition this text is not empty

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