How could I extract paragraph by regex?

Hi, I am new here and regex is really hard to understand for me.
Could you help me, please?
I have two questions about regex.
please help me, geniuses out there :flushed:

  1. Extracting paragraphs
    so I assumed getting text item between two empty lines…?

  2. Getting multi-line paragraph between two characters
    I tested (character)(.*)(character)
    but this seems only working when it’s a single line.

Thanks for the help ahead, Happy new year!

Hi, I’ve been looking for an opportunity to help someone in this community :blush: . I love bubble. Seriously.

Anyway, I found a way to solve this problem.

My use case is: I’m trying to separate a text entry into paragraphs and save each of the paragraphs as a unique Thing.

I use the Regex: [^\n]+

It worked for me perfectly but I don’t know if it is dangerous :grinning:

Forgive me, I know close to nothing about these things.

By the way, So far I’ve succeeded in separating the paragraphs into a repeating group but I don’t know if I can save each of them as a unique Thing.

I found a video from No Code Coaching on Youtube and I’ve implemented what I could from it but I still don’t know if it will work since I can’t run the code as I’ve not paid for a plan yet.