Any success building custom reporting features?

How have you handled “custom reporting” for your users in your Bubble apps?

Our customers are asking for a custom report feature that allows them to build a report from a predefined data type, reorder/add/remove columns and filter/sort data, save the report template for future editing/copying, sharing access, and download to CSV/XLS/PDF. We’ve tried using the Tabulator plugin for this which gets us some of the way there, but we’ve run into several roadblocks and are looking for other options.

Is anybody having success with this? If so, would you mind sharing how you did it?

Can’t speak for PDFs, but I use 1t for CSVs:

It accepts a JSON object using the format as text function. In theory you could build the JSON structure in its composite parts beforehand, then merge them into the CSV at the time of creation. This way, you’d essentially have a snippet for each variable, that is only appended to your final JSON object if the user opts to do so, in the order that they choose.

It’d be a complex-ish page structure, but definitely achievable.

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