Freelance Opportunity with Established Bubble Product

We are looking to hire an experienced Bubble developer to build a custom reporting feature in our app that is similar to this existing plugin. The reporting feature needs to allow users to generate reports from pre-defined sets of database “Things” and provide users the ability to hide/show/reorder/sort columns and share reports via a URL for public access. Report layout/filters/settings need to be saved on a table in our database for future editing/modifying/copying of reports. Our development team will need the ability to define which data sets are able to be used, pre-define filter criteria, define column names, and the ability to deploy this feature to multiple data sets (Things).

Please DM me if you are interested.


Why don’t you just buy the plugin and apply those principals in your workflows? Re-creating the wheel isn’t most ideal in this situation.

Everything you just said can be done inside Bubble, then you can apply conditionals on your Tabulator very easily. I use this plugin for a lot of apps.


@GH5T We did, but we have run into some use-cases where it doesn’t perform well, and the developer is not willing to make updates to it the way we need done. Hence why we are looking to build something specific for our customers.

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dm sent , pls check


Makes sense. Let me know if you don’t find anyone. Can likely scrape some time to help you do it.