Any tricks to display controlled message on payment failure?

For both Braintree and Stripe the workflow is such that it only continues upon success and nothing happens if there is a payment failure, and no failure event exist to make an elegant handle of a credit card failure. Any great ideas?

One idea:

  1. Set a state before the payment call and reset it afterwards
  2. If the value never got reset then, you know you have a failure and you can show a message

Other ideas:

There are two error workflow events you can use, one for an element (example the Pay button) has had an error, the other for unhandled workflow error.

This is always a good idea : )

Neither of those options seem to fire on the payment process.

Payment failed or User cancel:

  • On Workflow error (does not trigger)
  • On UnHandled error (does not trigger)

I’d say its an issue with Bubble’s plugin. The errors fire if you use the API connector.

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