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Cancel Stripe Payment

Using Bubble plugin to setup sellers under a standard connected account, things are working fine if the user enters a valid credit card and proceeds with payment.

I can’t figure out how to set up a workflow event in case the user presses the back button (thus canceling the payment)

Or how to set up if the user clicks to close the browser window as the stripe payment opens in the same tab and not a different tab.

Or if the user enters an credit card with insufficient funds and the payment fails.

Are these all things that a web hook needs to be set up for?

I also have this problem, have you figure out yet?

Thanks :slight_smile:

Yes I have. I touch on these topics in my Stripe Integration Course

Using the approach laid out in the course I am able to setup my integration to fit my needs. For some of these like cancel is associated with bubble workflows. In regards to credit card issues those are related to Stripe and Stripe will not allow a checkout session to complete when a user uses a credit card with insufficient funds.

I make use of several webhooks, numerous API Calls and lots of backend workflows. Some of these are for when a subscription payment fails.