Any tutorial on implementing Undo/Redo functionality in an app

Anybody has experience in this? or is there any tutorial on this? i dont think my app can be published without this feature.

What do you want to undo and redo, exactly?

There are several approaches to this sort of thing, from storing backup/previous/undo values (whatever you want to call them) on your Things (consider that any Thing could in fact have a field on it of that same type that could hold the previous value). If you don’t want to store all that in your database, you could use some form of browser storage to allow various things to be “undone” or “redone”.

If you’re interested in both the latter approach and you like to watch videos, go watch the videos in the original post about my plugin Floppy, and then scroll thru the replies to find even more:

At the very least you’ll learn a thing or two about Bubble and web dev in general.

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