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Anyone have ideas on implementing an undo/redo history feature in an app?

I’m toying with the idea of implementing an undo/redo history feature in an app but am trying to decide what the best and most performance-friendly way to do this might be. Wanted to see if the Bubble community has any clever ideas.

There will be everything from undoing edits made to rich text to changes made to additions to/deletions from a list of things and even changes to a specific column/field.

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Interesting. I guess it would be a combination of manual entries as well as automatic ones when key events or action take place that you want to keep a log of.

Create your log object, create an options set for the type of log and add all the displays you want to track, identify all the key actions and events where logs can be created automatically. Build the UI to render them and also to create the manual ones.

Thanks for chiming in so promptly (as always), @cmarchan, and thanks for sharing your ideas with me and the community. I’ll certainly be looking to head down that path.

One thing that adds some complexity is the fact that some of the edits I’ll be storing need to be sort orders for a drag/drop list.