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Any way to delay a workflow from running until data saved to database

I’ve got a complex workflow that creates an event (among other things). We pass data to an API workflow to actually create the event since it’s an action we’ll want on multiple pages and want to keep our application DRY (Do not Repeat Yourself).

As such, users sometimes get to the next page before the event has been loaded to our database. This results in them seeing a bunch of null-states until the values are loaded. Not an ideal UX.

Is there a way to simply delay sending them to that page until after the data loads (currently, I have a fixed 3000ms delay, but would prefer to make it based on when the data is actually loaded to our DB).


You can monitor for data changes and navigate when ready. This issue with waiting until the API workflow completes is that it may happen minutes into the future. If it’s a small enough operation, put the action in a reusable element and execute it from there on each page.