Any way to ensure wrapping text goes to end of text field?

I’d like to display 2 lines of text and have “… (more)” be shown at the end. Since I can’t control the horizontal placement of (more) with Bubble, I’m looking for a viable hack.

One solution seems to be making the text display for 2 lines and then have “… (more)” as a separate text field that it’s visually on top of the last part of the 2nd row so that it looks natural. However, the text on the 2nd line is getting cut off long before the end of the text field which breaks this paradigm. Any ideas for workarounds or alternative solutions? …strongly prefer not to place “more option” on a separate row.

Example Screenshot (before click “more”)

Example Screenshot (after click “more”)

Note - After playing around with this some more, I see why my initial idea won’t work well. Specifically, there are some good reasons text shouldn’t go all the way to the end of the row in all scenarios. For example, if the paragraph ends, then putting … before the last word of the paragraph makes sense.

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