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Hey Bubblers!

I want to be able to show more text like shown below in the picture. I’ve searched on the forum and everywhere online and it seems that Bubble can’t perform this function. I am unsure. It looks like some type of link function.

Thoughts? Thx

You could use the “:truncated to” suffix to your text in first place.

Then, when the “show more” button or the text is clicked, set a state somewhere “show full = true”

And then the last thing you need to do is to have a condition on your first text when “show full = true” that replaces the text with the same text without the truncated suffix this time.

Thanks! Yes I’ve truncated such text but didn’t know what to do on the next step regarding show more. Thx.

Hey @vnihoul77 having trouble with this still. Thanks again for your comment to help!

In your text you can insert a custom state called “Open” (type yes/no).

As default, your text will be truncated. But when “text’s Open is yes” (you will create a condition to this using the conditional tab), the text will no long will be truncated. And you can do it thru a simple workflow. Take a look in what I did here for you:

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Thank you for taking the time to do this! Works like a charm.

Is there any way to not “show more” if the text is under the truncated number or will it always “show more” as such.



Great. :+1: :grinning:

Together with the condition to show the full text. You can wrhite something like

If text’s Open = yes OR text’s value :number of characters < 50

Hey Rafael,
I am putting the expression in the conditions tab and it is not working out for me. I’ve been trying to figure this out. Thanks!

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