Any way to get a list of things and fields?

Is there any way to export or view on screen in a screen you can copy/paste from, a complete list of all of the things and fields in the database?
I’m almost finished setting up my data model, which is large and complex, and I know as I have set up tables and designed the list of fields I have come up with a few issues that I have fixed as I’ve went, by adding in additional datapoints.
I specced my data model in excel and I’d like a way to get that model back out so I can validate it and also make a checklist of fields so I can set up my lists and input screens without missing anything.

I’ve not checked it out yet, but the “export app as JSON” feature might be of use here. Also, if you turn on the Data API, Bubble creates a Swagger spec for you. (See reference and search Swagger.)

Possibly helpful?