How to create a list of all fields?

Is it possible to create a list of all fields of a data table, and use it in workflows?

Example: A Table called Product with the fields Name, Description, Price, Dimensions, Category, …

Can I then create for example a Repeating Group based on a list of all fields?

Yes, you can. Just simply in the repeating group make the type product then the data source as Do a search for Products. Within the repeating group, just add text elements referring to the fields in the type

Hi Johnny, thanks but it doesn’t solve my problem. What I need instead is to make the fields themselves into a list. So to make a “Full List” of all the fields in a table.

The problem becomes more apparent in the context of a self-calling recurring workflow. There, I’d like to iterate through all the fields.

It is possible using the Bubble meta or Swagger API - but it wasn’t all that easy when I last looked at it.

Swagger vs Bubble - Question - Bubble Forum

Might be easier now.

I have built apps the manual way. In other words I created the thing FIELD and via options distinguished it among text, date, number, image, etc etc. Added the necessary fields to accomodate the data. Of course a field to reverse link it to the primary thing (example … a FORM).

Then built the UI to be able to create the form and the selected fields.

Just my two cents…

Very interested in exploring @NigelG’s suggestion sometime … :+1:

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