Any way to quickly apply permissions to items?

Hi everyone,

I have a field made under Users called “Role” which can be Employee, Manager etc. On many buttons, fields, etc like “Delete” buttons, I have it set that it’s either 1) only visible if the current users role is Manager, OR sometimes 2) I’ll have it where the workflow that runs when pressing it only runs if the current users role is Manager. Basically same thing in the end.

Is there any easier way though to quickly apply permissions to items? It’s a bit time consuming either having to go in and apply conditions to the element, or set it under workflow. Just curious if there’s any easier or faster way to quickly apply this, like a template or something so that I can add new fields to layouts in the future and just apply the permissions very fast.

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In case of the buttons, you could make a standard element type for your specific button. In the Styles tab you can make just one button and apply the conditions one time (in case of the role permissions).