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AnyForm - Customizable Google Forms in your Bubble app!

Hi everybody,

I’m building a plugin called AnyForm which lets you embed a Google Form in your Bubble app with as much customization as you want.

If you haven’t used Google Forms before: it’s a great (and free!) tool for running surveys, capturing leads & contact info and much more. It even comes with basic data analysis, email notifications and it automatically syncs responses to a Google Sheet.

The problem is that it’s really uncustomizable (and quite ugly) by default.

Here’s what I mean:

A default embedded Google Form looks like this in your Bubble app:

With AnyForm, you can re-design that Google Form inside your Bubble app so that it matches the style of your website/brand or whatever you’re going for.

Here is the same Google Form as above, but customized inside Bubble using AnyForm:

With the customized form, your responses go to the same Google Forms dashboard, will still be linked to your Google Sheet, etc. The only difference is that the form will look better and more professional to your users.

Some quick examples of how you can use AnyForm in your Bubble app:

  • Create a branded survey inside your app (and analyse inside Google Forms / Sheets)
  • Add a clean ‘Contact Us’ section to your Bubble app which links directly to your Email / a Google Sheet.
  • Build a slick feedback form into your Bubble app without worrying about databases and additional workflows.

Head here to take a closer look at the forms in the screenshots and to sign up for free early access to the plugin:

Look forward to your feedback!


Nice! :+1:

Just curious what the set-up/configuration process like. Is a linked spreadsheet required?

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Awesome :heart:
Definitely gonna try this

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Google Forms gives you a linked spreadsheet by default, so that’s not a requirement. Basically you’ll (1) create a form in your Google Forms dashboard (2) copy the URL of your form into the AnyForm plugin’s prompt. You’ll then be able to customize the form using Bubble elements.

Great :grinning:!

Woops — that should be fixed now!


Hi Alex, I put my google form url into the anyform page and it generated “form” “code” and “bubble”. I see there is a form ID for bubble. How/where do I put that on my actual bubble page? Or, do I just copy from “code” and put that in through html? Looking for the easiest and simplest way to do this. Thanks!

Hi @alex.cleo !
I’m having this error:

Can you check it please ?

Thanks in advance :smiley:

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this looks great but i am wondering what will be the benefits of using google form over the native Bubble forms? When (what use cases) is it advisable to use Google form over Bubble form?


I get the same error as @joao1997domingues , any help?


Great idea!
I’m just wondering could this plugin replace the API workflow features like schedule an email notification?
Is it possible Bubble data (e.g. emails, user name) to be transfered in Google Form with your plugin?

hi guys is this working??
I am getting error

This is great. I would love to use this. In my bubble app i have list of products and each product will have a form attach to ut for feedback. Can i attach this form to individual product and capture feedback accordingly?

So to summarize is there a way to link set of questions to a thing in bubble database?

When I try to sign up to use this extension it errors out for me. Any suggestions?