[New Plugin] AnyForm: Customize Google Forms Embeds

AnyForm lets you embed a Google Form in your Bubble app without being stuck with the default Google Forms style (which clashes with everyone’s brand).

It can be used to build a simple

  • sign up form
  • lead capture form
  • feedback form
  • contact us form

which automatically connects to Google Sheets, provides analytics in the Google Forms dashboard and emails you when you receive responses.

You can try it and see live examples at https://anyform.co/ and https://tryanyform.bubbleapps.io/.

Just enter AnyForm in the Bubble plugin search to find it!

Would love to hear if this is useful to you :).

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Hi @alex22 great tool!

I would love to use it on my Bubble website. I just tried your live example and I get this error message - any way to fix this?