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Anyone App editor/preview slow?

Hello everybody !

My app is continuously extremely slow in the app editor and in preview mode and has been for a long time. Imagine yourself trying to build your app using a dial up connection if you can. The response time from activating an element in preview mode can take 4 seconds to respond, and effects in the editor to just as long if not longer.

BACKGROUND: App is being built my a certified bubble partner using their own internet connection. This person has multiple clients with the same price plan as I do and has successfully built numerous apps. My app is has the slowest response time and other said apps have more workflows and elements. This seems to have occurred since I went from a free plan to a paid plan, I did ask support if this had anything to do with it and they assured me that it did not. Paid plan is the $20 plan.

It has been brought up in another post that this condition may be a result of workflows etc… but I don’t think it is based on the person building it. I am not an expert with bubble like many of you are so I can’t not absolutely confirm this.

So my question is: Does anyone have a similar issue with the performance of your app editor/preview mode?

Our app at would regularly take between 30-60 seconds to load the main view after a user logs in. The big culprit was a specific repeating group, and how I was accessing the data. I had to totally rearchitect it, but it cut down the load time to like 1-2 seconds. Aside from that, I don’t see anything particular to any of my apps that aren’t related to general issues Bubble has. Is there a link we can check out to see it in action?

Thank you for the info on RG, I have a session with with my coach tomorrow and I will bring this to their attention.

Not interested in posting a link at this time, but thank you. If this gets resolved I will let you know what it was.

This is just a guess, but I would attribute isolated cases of slow performance being due to some aspect of how the data was designed. There have been numerous times where I’ve been able to shave off seconds, even minutes, from my workflows after redesigning how I’m storing, accessing, and displaying data. This becomes extremely important as an app grows in complexity.

Have you previewed your app using the step-by-step option?

It causes you to look at the page like a browser. As you know, a browser reads your page from top to bottom. The debugger is designed to execute everything step by step. The longer it takes between steps to execute, the longer it will take to send everything to the browser.

I look at each process as it executes, interested in eliminating unnecessary calls to the database/apis. First I look to see if I am calling the same data more than once, so I can combine the calls. The more times you do this, the faster your app will become. In programmer-speak, this is called normalizing a database. The people who do this well are artists. They are able to ask for the most specific information using the least amount of words.

Make sure everything is working, then streamline (normalize) your brains out. The same applies to the workflow. the less boxes you have, the better.

When you find something that still won’t play nice, change your ui. E.g. Using a popup will delay the call to a database until the user wants it. Then tweak bubble workflows. There are a kajillion combinations of actions available. Consider splitting pages. Incorporate spinners to confuse the wait time. It makes your app seem robust.

Be patient with the people you’ve hired to help. It’s hard to get into a client’s mind and pinpoint frustrations. Weed helps.

Thank you for your suggestions.

I´ve the same problem as you with repeating groups but they´re working on it.

Also I´ve a huge problem with one page loading in the editor that contains a chart. It´s really really slow but I guess it´s the chart that causes the problem.

I get the problem from time to time, but it’s not the app infrastructure. It’s local.
Bubble is consuming a huge amount of resources on my desktop.

I killed the 3GB Chrome Helper process and it shutdown my 2 windows of Bubble (editor and preview).

I must say that while this was happening the app itself felt very slow and unresponsive. Things took way to load to run. Maybe this is your problem? That would maybe explain the differences between your Certified Bubble performance and yours.

@josh are you aware of memory leaks/hogs in chrome with bubble? I’m on iMac 2011 with 12GB RAM and Mac OS Sierra. These issues started just recently. If it’s not related to the OP case I can send a support ticket or open a new thread with my details.

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Actually JonL, this condition is on both of our systems. One apple and one windows, so it’s not isolated to just one machine.
Also I have tried this in chrome, edge, and firefox browsers with the same result (been using chrome recently so I need to try other browsers again).

Maybe the fix to this is to throw money at the issue. Maybe if I was on the dedicated plan it would just make all of this silly issues go away.

I’m not an expert about the dedicated plan by any means (I’m on the professional plan), but it seems like the main advantage of the dedicated plan would be not sharing resources with other people. In that respect, I’m not sure if you’ll get a huge performance impact on your app, but again, I really don’t know. Without knowing what’s going on specifically, it’s hard to tell.

I’d be curious to hear from others on a dedicated plan. If you’re on that plan, what changed for you? What type of differences are you seeing?

My understanding is that is solves many sins. I am currently on the same plan and think I will go up to the dedicated plan just for the support and performance aspect.
Bubble and Bubble Group are amazing and I have trouble keeping in mind that so many people are using it at the same time I am, and that resources are limited in the general pool. In that regard I have been selfish and inconsiderate, so to resolve any conflict I tend to think that the best course of action for anyone with the same feelings is to go to a dedicated plan.

If you make that jump, I’d be very eager to hear what type of changes you see!

To clarify, what are the specs of your terminal? Is this coach you mentioned having the same performance issues as you are or just when you access it?

My prior laptop was fairly underpowered. Switching to a more powerful machine solved many problems. (Benchmark thinking: if it’s not adequate for Photoshop, it’s probably not good for Bubble development). Also, if it is a very complex app, turning the issues checker off can help considerably. (Vast improvements have been made to the issue checker, but I’ll notice issues from time to time, usually inflicted by making major changes while having multiple sessions).

For some of my pages, I consider a “slow” load time to be OK given the complexity. (Of course, instant is great…but I recognize how much is going on in the background).

Another quirk (and I don’t know if this is a legitimate issue or not): but is your Bubble partner who is building this located in the same general geographic region? (Ie. perhaps the app is hosted on AWS Asia Pacific and you’re based in Europe?). That might cause some delay?

I fairly regularly do Bubble work on a $150 Chromebook, which doesn’t seem to be any slower than a multi-core 16Gb RAM desktop. Having two huge monitors is what makes it quicker :slight_smile:

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Hmm, good to know you had success with a Chromebook. I may just give one a try.

My switch was between a MacBook Air and Pro, up to date versions of Chrome on both. No unusual settings on either.

Hey Dan,

My coach is very close, geographically wise. I have this issue and my coach also has this issue with my app. And I have tried on three different machines (all windows).

My coach has explained they have clients on the same package plan I am on with more complex apps and they do not have this problem.

FYI - Two 32" inch monitors does help.


For the last two days my app is frozen and does not respond/work in preview mode. In the editor it works as far as accessing the elements, etc… but when I flip it to preview mode it is like I am moving my mouse over a screen shot. SMH.