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Has anyone else found the Bubble App's Editor slow the last few days?

I typically find the Bubble App Editor to respond to me quickly, making it simple/easy to build features, make changes to my app, etc.

However, over the last couple of days I’ve found it to be painfully slow at times. I often click something and have to wait 5-10+ seconds for it to respond to each click. Gets frustrating since there’s hundreds (or perhaps thousands) of clicks for many of the things I’m working on.

Anyone else running into something similar the last few days? Is this a Bubble thing, or might it be something related to my computer or my app? Thanks.

Same here but I always have just blamed bad internet service. I usually have to log out and log back in to get a fresh view of things.

@proust007, is this something that’s only been a challenge for you the last few days?

yes, but I can’t isolate it to just bubble. I tend to lean towards bad internet - at least in my case. If I had good internet service I could rule it out. sorry, not much help.

I agree. Hard to pinpoint cause because my Internet can be somewhat unreliable but notice this is happening to a greater degree in the editor over the last couple weeks.

I’ve noticed this. It is 100% not my internet either.

Mine’s actually been quite fast the last few days. Last week it was slow though.

It’s been incredibly slow for me over the past week, also. Including now as I type. I’ve gotten to the point where it’s been nearly impossible to load pages. And I’m working from a university on a computer plugged into the wall with an extremely fast connection so I know it’s not my internet service.

This happened in the past (over the summer) and was a particular problem for those with large applications (lots of pages and workflows). There were some changes and a temporary fix to help at the time, but maybe Bubble going through a strange growth spurt now.

@emmanuel, I wonder if you can offer any input from the background. Thanks.

WIthout a particular situation to look at we unfortunately can’t say much.

Thanks, @emmanuel. Not sure what else to state other than everything is very slow and taking a long time to render. Pretty much exactly like it was over the summer when the issue came up:

  • Loading and interacting with the bubble editor
  • Clicking on components inside of editor
  • Viewing and refreshing the preview pages
  • Loading elements in the element tree

We need a specific case to look at. Which element click on, etc.