Anyone care to help out with some issues with airbnb clone app?

So I did the tutorial on the airbnb clone app, but have some issues ,( not red flag issues from bubble )

Just some things don’t show up, somethings not click able , etc

And still haven’t figured out transferring funds from one user to another

If I make app public, anyone care to hop in and tweak around? (Hopefully good tweaks :grinning:)

I’m currently on professional plan

Thanks for looking

Just a hint: it is not good practice (or very polite) to post and repost similar requests in a public forum such as this. The sheer number of messages posted will not increase the chance of a response, and might actually decrease the chance of a positive response, IMHO.


Yeah I definitely don’t want to be spamming.

I’ve been trying to delete old posts , with no success , how can I delete ? Thanks