Building an app to help people fight coronavirus. Freelancers needed

Hey guys!
My name is Nik and I have built an app with 20k users before.
Recently, I have started working on a bubble app that allows people to fight coronavirus by providing a solution to market their online event (webinar) instead of organizing local meetups that risk people’s lives.

This is how it works. We built it in one day just to demonstrate.

If you are interested to help (we pay money), please fill out this form. We assure you that we will contact you in 24 hours:

Hmm… didn’t you just post something (which was flagged and removed) a little bit ago about hating this forum (even though you only joined a day ago)? What’s your deal, friend?


Yep, I told that I posted here 4+ questions but nobody answers and helps here on this forum. Only less then 30% of questions are answered.

That’s why I am looking for a freelancer who has more experience

I think your stats are a bit off, friend, but best of luck finding a freelancer. If you really are trying to build an app to help with the crisis, that’s awesome and I hope you succeed.

Thank you! Do you think that people here help only based on stats?
I subscribed to a Pro plan, thinking that I will get more attention but it seems that the best help I can get is to be emailed in 2-3 days after my question

I can assure you that nobody here helps just based on stats, and it has nothing to do with what plan you are on. If one or more freelancers are interested in your project, they will respond. If nobody responds, it is almost certainly because of how you approached the forum.

2 Likes its a zeroqode template “We built it in one day just to demonstrate.”

Your questions are unanswered due to it being answered multiple times on the forum. Use the search bar, it’s your best friend.

I saw your questions and to be honest if I feel like the topic creator isn’t interested in doing research, i typically don’t answer.

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I agree with you.
We are humans and when we become pro in something we usually think:
“I will not help him because nobody helped me” or “I will not help because I have spent too much time to share my knowledge with him”

For myself, I am on the same side as you. I often tell people to google something instead of spending the time. And I always google by myself.

The problem I faced here is that I really googled it and I found some possible solutions, however I was looking for some sort of “best practice” or “professional advice”.

That’s what I really needed and that’s why I created these topics . Not to just “know” the solution, but to find “the best” solution

Strongly disagree with this:

I have found this forum to be the most giving and collaborative collection of humans I have ever interacted with in a tech setting. I think the true root cause of your low response rate is that you come across as being a bit of a pelican.