AirBNB clone and Yelp Clone are now for sale on!

Hey Bubblers,
excited to announce that both AirBNB and Yelp clones are now listed at for sale! Yelp clone is slightly unfinished but we will polish it before copying it to you.

Use a coupon code “iambubble” during checkout to get 20% discount!

Also, we are on product hunt today! Please join discussion here: (find us in the top of the page :)) Please ask a question or share your experience with Bubble there - that will be very helpful not only for Bubble Store but for the entire Bubble community :slight_smile:


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here is the link to our product hunt page

Hi Ievon, is there any tutorial on this airbnb app template. I am building a massage /sport on-demand marketplace and that would be the closest template I could get.
many thks

Hi Elsa,
there is no tutorial but you can enroll in the course that teaches how to build an AirBNB clone here

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Thanks Levon! Elsa, as mentioned, you can go to and sign up for the Airbnb course there for a full tutorial. It has about 13 hours of video content walking you step-by-step through building a marketplace application.

Since you’re coming from Bubble, you can get 20% off your first three months of membership by using the coupon code “cfsforbubble” - just click the rocket icon when checking out.

Hi Brentsum. Many thanks for the link, but I think I am doing ok now! I got used to Bubble. I may register in a few weeks after testing this first version.

However, maybe one of you or someone on the forum can help me on two points so I finish my first version and I can test it before improving it-

  1. I erased the photo uploaders for the photolist on the page new_room, and I can’t figure out how you . What did you use to have photo uploader for the photolist. Is there a button for multiple photo uploader? or did you create 4 datas photolist item#1, photolist item#2, photolist item#3, photolist item#4? Can you please be detailed in the process.

  2. On the index page, you have created a workflow: when the group Brooklyn is clicked it creates a new search location= Brooklyn. It works and Brooklyn is a dynamic data on this workflow, right ? It appears in blue.

Well I have slightly modified the brooklyn group. I have created another selector on the index page so you can choose between entire room, private room, shared room. I have created groups with images that replace the groups with the images of Brooklyn,colorado with 3 new groups: Entire home, private room, shared room.
I want that if the user clicks on the group entire home, he is directed to the “s” page and only the rentals with “entire home” will appear on the list of rental. I have created the workflow: When the group “entire home” is clicked, create a new search room type=entire home (here entire home is in White so it is not a dynamic data, so that may be a problem), go to page s (result of step 1 create a new search).
As a result, when a user clicks on the group “entire home”, he is directed to page “s”, the room type selector selected is “entire home”, but the list of rentals still includes all types of rooms. I can’t figure out how to make sure that the list of rentals ONLY includes entire home rentals.

I hope you can understand my two questions and that someone can help me. Feel free to ask me more details if unclear. I need to be done with this version on monday! Thanks a lot

Hi Brent,

I need to build an extensive open platform for it is currently in concept phase on Indiegogo I would like to collaborate with you to create a new course in a mutually beneficial arrangement. Please feel free to review my indiegogo project at and

Hong and Ryan

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Found a open source volunteer at local university … thanks

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