Anyone else interested in being co-founders?

Are you working on your app or you are already marketing it and just know that you would be more successful if you had more than just yourself working on it? I am looking for another bubbler with similar abilities to myself (about 2.5 years Bubble experience) that would like to join forces to achieve entrepreneurial success faster. The basic idea behind this is that we both have projects that we could help each other with OR we could figure out a new project and launch it together.

If interested, please respond to this post and we can have a chat. We would need to establish a set of milestones, rules, etc so that we are both fairly spending time and effort on the business. Most of my experience is eCommerce and affiliate marketing related. I am really good bringing data from APIs, app design, and strategizing for monetization and growth.

Let me know if you are out there and interested!

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Would like to understand your proposition better. I have built products on bubble and am working with a few ideas of my own. Could you share more details at or connect on skype at @anilamesur



Hi @tmuelle1 interested to know whereabouts you are based?


Hi @m.lewis. I am in Chicago, IL, USA. I should have included in this post that I am looking for someone that resides in the US. Thanks! If you are interested in a chat please PM me.

Hi I am Interested. Let us discuss further. thanks