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Bubble mastermind group - interested?

Looking to connect with some of my fellow bubbles here was thinking itd be cool to look at each others apps and give ideas / insights.

I’m still working on my app before its public.

Not sure what can come out of this but I thought I’d put it out there if anyone wants to meetup on zoom or something and share what we up to, ideas, etc.

Let me know!!!

I’d be interested. Perhaps Discord would be easier though?

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Sweet I don’t know what Discord is (although I have heard the name) I’ll look into what that is and maybe that is easier.

Hey @oiplive , Still looking to chat all things bubble and tech entrepreneurship?

Always looking to have a few people to chat with about ideas and work through problems.


Yes! Add me on my bubble app I’m working on and we can chat!

Come join our bubble discord:

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