Anyone else's workflow API calls timing out?

For about the last 10 hours, nothing has been coming into my app via POST workflow API endpoints I have setup.

I tested just now on and I’m getting:

“Request timed out!”

These have been working for months, before breaking today - I haven’t made any changes.

Is this is bug?

If you haven’t already, be sure to file a bug at

I don’t have any setups like yours, but I want to make sure you get it looked at by support ASAP!

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Yeh, just gunna get one in now - hope I catch them before hometime.

Also going through the logs to see if there are any clues there.

Getting this:

We POST to blocksping for a lot of things. One thing we’ve learned - Bubble’s API doesn’t listen for long enough sometimes so Blockspring will send back the data and Bubble’s API will have already timed out so that data won’t get saved.

Would be nice if Bubble could fix this, especially since they’re partners with Blockspring. It sounds like the problem may extend beyond Blockspring to all API calls if that’s what you’re seeing as well.


@andrewgassen @sridharan.s - thanks for the help.

Yep, one of the downstream steps in the API workflow was making a GET call to an external service and this was timing out, causing the rest of the workflow to fail!

@josh @emmanuel - Anyway we can get warning emails when workflows fail like this? Would have been helpful.

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