Latency issues ( again... )


Yet again Bubble is showing latency issues in backend API workflows, I’m being blasted with emails from my cronjobs saying the jobs are failing.

I love Bubble but… really ? This is the platform you say can go all the way to production ? This is the result of the price increase and termination of the free plan ?

The load times of any app are bad, no mather how much you optimize, list loading is slow, animations are buggy, workflow design is messy…
I seriously feel sad for what this platform is becoming.

Just my two cents…

Hey there @joao1997domingues,

Have you filed a bug report for the Bubble Success Team to take a look?

Hi @johnny , thanks for the idea but this is a global issue, you can even see the splikes in the status page, they are aware of it.

I’m seeing the same.

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I forgot to add that this issue has been ongoing for the past 3-4 days intermittently

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Yes, Bubble could use some big improvements to the reliability and speed of their backend workflows. Also, it would be amazing if we could actually run workflows on a list almost as fast as we can program a loop in code outside of Bubble.

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Also true

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