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Anyone experiences freezing? Where is the Bubble down topic?

I am experiencing freezing of my Bubble dashboard and my app in development mode and my test environment. It’s not my internet connection. And Bubble say it’s up. What can it be? I am in The Netherlands.

Can anyone point me to the Bubble down topic? I cannot find it anymore.

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Is it preview mode that’s freezing or your editor?

If it’s your preview mode then apps can freeze when you have an error, in particular with a plugin.

Have you checked your debugger in step by step mode to narrow down at what step it freezes? And also check your browser dev console as you’ll be able to see any errors that pop up there.

I found out that I made a html code error in the html element. It freezes my whole safari! So basically now bug, just a very strong behaviour of Safari on one single html mistype.