UGH! Bubble Editor constantly freezing

For the past few weeks the editor is freeing and super slow. I don’t even know where to begin to troubleshoot.

I have cleared cache etc countless times.

I have closed out and logged back in countless times

Any help in a direction will be helpful. It is like I am working on a dialup internet connection sometimes.

Hey there, @8910billiards… sorry to hear about the issues with the editor… I can imagine how frustrating that is. I can say that I’m not having any issues like that, and I am guessing the issue is not widespread or lots of other folks would be mentioning it. That being said, Bubble would likely ask for a bug report from you with specifics about your operating system, browser, etc. If you write up a bug and provide that info, they may be able to help.


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I had this in the past when I had 100’s of issues. Once I cleared these up the editor went back to normal processing speed.

Thanks for the thought. I usually have zero issues at any given point.

If you’re using chrome, I find opening the plugins menu completely freezes the browser. Not sure if that’s your issue or not but I since switched to Firefox and have 0 issues.

I use Firefox. Tried IE today and it was still slow and freezing

Does it freeze in any specific area? Any specific page?

I haven’t had the editor freeze on me. But the workflow pages have been a bit buggy of late. Where I can’t click a workflow, and have to click on something random and then click back on the workflow. Not sure this is a bubble thing, or safari thing.

Not a major issue so haven’t pursued it further.

Not a safari thing, I notice it happen when I delete workflow in quick succession

No. All the pages

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