Anyone having issues with Stripe Plugin?

Hey guys,

I have a workflow with a purchasing step as Step 1 (using bubble’s Stripe plugin). It previously worked, but today I discovered that Stripe collects the fee but apparently does NOT return the call to my application to continue the rest of the workflow. There’s no error given—where I have enabled the success message upon return to my application, there is no notice.

Is anyone else having issues with this?

No issues to report. I too have subsequent workflows/steps that run on return of a successful Stripe payment.

Have you checked conditionals for all of those steps that should be firing?

Depending on your app plan, I have found API calls to work well for the subsequent steps.

If you have other issues please report them, this is a vital plugin for so many of us.

No the conditions are not to blame. The logs prove it out… if it were conditions, we would see it as condition failed, but instead nothing runs.

I haven’t seen it like this before; I have a bug report in.

Tried again this morning, and I did eventually get a success (and triggering) but AFTER a significant, 45 second?, delay

Following up, in case others run into this… my button which triggers the workflow is nested within a group that is initially hidden. I have to run the workflows which reveal that button before the workflow will complete.

Specifically, the default “view” of the account page is “Account Details” but the trigger button is nested in a hidden group. I navigate to “Available Jobs” to show the parent group of my triggering button, then 1.) the purchase workflow finally completes, 2.) I get the notification of a successful charge and 3.) the rest of the events occur in my workflow.

Upon returning to the ‘vendoraccount’ page (after putting in purchase data in the Stripe payment page) the default is “Account Details”, hiding the button upon this reload. The show/hide workflows are based on a page conditional state, using an Option Set for the corresponding values. Each group is hidden/shown based on which Option is set to that conditional state. When the page returns from Stripe, the default Option (“Account Details”) is selected–thus hiding the button within the group dependent on “Available Jobs” being selected.

Still investigating if there’s a better way, or if background/hidden task behaviors have somehow been modified in bubble’s process improvements.

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