Stripe checkout and workflow


I have a workflow that takes a user to a payment gate using Stripe.
When the payment is successful, I noticed that Stripe/Bubble take the user back to the log in page, then after a second or two, proceed with the taking the user to the next workflow step which is the Dashboard. This creates confusion and the user may click on the login button and that will interrupt the workflow.

Any help appreciated to circumvent the glitch. Again I need the user to be taken to the Dashboard directly without going back to the login page.
Pic of the workflow attached: It has only 3 steps, but the UX feels like 4 steps since after step2 is successful, the user is taken back to step 1, then after a pause, to step 3.


Many Thanks

You could try adding an alert (e.g., ‘Payment successful!’) or pause between Steps 2 and 3 to buy enough time for the Dashboard redirect.

Using the Bubble Stripe plugin, there is no way around this - it’s just how it works.

Of course, if you make your own API calls instead of using a plugin (or just use a plugin the just created the checkout session and allows you to specify the redirect - if there is one) you can create your checkout and payment success flow any way you like, so if you don’t like how the Bubble Stripe plugin works, look into making the calls yourself using the API connector (it’s really quite simple and gives you full control of the process).

the pause between the two steps makes the problem worst. I implemented an alert as a temporary fix. Thanks for the tip.

I am working on a proof of concept so I will keep the API in mind for the next evolution. Thanks