Anyone having issues?

We’ve been having issues for the last 15 mins with pages not loading properly. Anyone else having issues?

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@emmanuel Are dedicated instances also affected by these outages?

Por aqui estamos tendo ploblemas no Login do usuário. De repente parou de funcionar.

I don’t see any reason of my app being down. I contacted support and they told me they don’t have any scheduled maintenance running at the moment.
The last time this happened was when they were adding a feature of Scheduled releases. I think it will be back to normal. Let me know when it does, please.

Hi Yeah I have no idea. As I say I did absolutely nothing from my end. Everything was going great. I have narrowed it down a bit. The biggest issues appear to be on pages with more complicated re usable elements. RG’s data recall etc is fine. So for example I have a header which has different links etc. I can access some pages when I delete that. But some pages do not have this particular re-usable element but different ones and it also doesnt work. However i have another page with simpler Re-Usable elements and that does work ARGH!!!

More than an hour later and we’re still down!!!

@jess can you please help.

@Sofia_BubbleSupport… possibly related to the other thread?

Anyone else not seeing the regular help menu, but rather this “Help Center” that doesn’t work?

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