There was an issue retrieving your data [solved]

Hello Bubblers - is anyone else having problem with data today?

I keep getting the error in the editor, “Sorry, we’re having trouble accessing your data” and then having to reload it.

On the Preview (and on the live app), I have repeating groups which are ‘visible’ and not showing as ‘loading’, but which are not showing any data.

When I inspect them, the inspector says that the data list is empty:

But the data list isn’t empty:

There are 39 of them… But I note that the created dates and unique ID’s aren’t loading in the Editor either.

I’ve been going around in circles for a couple of hours changing all sorts of things to try and get this to work, but it looks like a problem at Bubble’s end…

The status page says everything is working fine. Any suggestions would be gratefully received.

When things are weird, just wait :wink:
Got some strange things today, and waiting before making any Bug Report. Can be my internet provider, or other elements. I always tried on different computers and different networks. Often, it was on my side.

…several more hours later I have arrived at the route of the problem, for the non-editor part at least…

There was a problem with my Privacy settings in that * Rules that use “This x’s x” can’t do search. That was something I had missed during the afternoon.

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You will remember this one for ever! :slight_smile:

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