Anyone here using Braintree for subscription payments

Greetings all.
Am struggling to set up a subscription system using Braintree. Where i live Stripe is not available.
What am I struggling with, almost everything. From data types needed to their data fields including linking them together and how to tie everything together in the workflows and the UI.
I have fragments of ideas like i think I need 3 data types, i.e subscription, payment & invoice
Their fields, i think I can come up with a few for each one. The challenge is on how to link them together.
And then the workflows since an API is involved how do I pull its data dynamically.
Initially I simply put a button and gave it a workflow that successfully ran a test payment. I even managed to set up 4 subscription options in Braintree. Have a yes/no subscription on the user data type.
Then my brain froze because I realized I need to capture quite a bit of information about the user/ subscriber & the subscription.
What should I set up on the UI side? I am stuck in a loop.
Searching the forum and reading the documentation has not helped so far.
Any kind of help is most welcome.

Thank you

I’m not, maybe somebody else is… ‘in the night they go bump’