Braintree advanced API

Hi, I try to setup the Braintree API

Currently I’m using the Braintree plugin which works fine but I cannot get information back from Braintree with regards to the subscription.

I want to be able to get subscription status and ensure that the payment was recorded and based on that to grant access to application, but I can seem to figure out how to.

My biggest issue is how verify if payment was collected at the billing cycle and use that info to grant or restrict access to application

I would also like to retrieve data from Braintree and build an invoice for the user within bubble.

In order to achieve this, I believe that I need to use bubble API connector to connect with Braintree, but I can figure out how to set it up. Braintree instruction form setting up API connection is a little to advance for me.

If someone has already setup bubble connector with Braintree API can you please share the information with us, I’m sure that a lot more user would like to see this.

Thank you very much