Anyone in Los Angeles?

Hey everyone! I was scrolling through the forum today and noticed so many great communities of Bubble devs and entrepreneurs forming around the world. I think the fact that the low-code community worldwide is growing day by day is awesome. After a while, I started wondering, why is there no thread in the forum for Bubble community here in the LA area?

After searching for such a thread for a good 40 minutes and not finding one, I decided to create one myself :slight_smile: Anyone is welcome to join, whether you are a Bubble expert, a novice developer, or somewhere in between.

I hope this could be the start of something new and serve the local community as a place to gather, explore, and connect with other Bubble enthusiasts in the area. I would be happy if this helps you find your next opportunity or just connect with people with the same interests as you.

Thanks for your attention,


I am based in Los Angeles. :blush::raised_hands: Here is my info in case anyone wants to connect.


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Thank you for sharing so many cool resources! So you focus mainly on low-code development and coaching?

Yeah. They are resources that I put together. I find the eLearning Hub helps me a lot. I am constantly referring back to it to remember certain links to articles that were helpful or posts on here that I need to refer to again and again. :blush:

That’s nice. Is the eLearning hub your personal project, or is it a resource that you discovered? Also, another question unrelated to the previous one: do you happen to know any other Bubble devs in the LA area?

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Yeah. I created it using Bubble. :blush:

Myself and another two developers on my team are from Los Angeles.

Great job building such a cool educational resource and helping out the community. I am sure your efforts will go a long way and help lots of people become better at low-code development :slight_smile:

It would also be awesome if you could invite your friends to join this thread as well. As I mentioned in the post earlier, the goal of this initiative is to create a hub for a local community of Bubble developers here in the LA area. With each new member, the community will become bigger and stronger, so I hope we can all contribute something positive and valuable to this community!

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I just saw this thread, wanted to chime in that I’m also in LA (and jealous of the NYers at BubbleCon this week! Gotta get 2024 to LA…). Feel free to DM me, would love to connect.

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Hey, wouldn’t that be awesome? I would definitely attend BubbleCon if it happened in LA.

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