Bubble in SF / Silicon Valley

Hi Everyone:

Anyone interested in participating in a meetup in the SF or Silicon Valley areas?

I just joined, and would love to meet other Bubblers and learn what they are working on, or where they need help.

I have not seen a formal group yet, and thought there may be enough interest to form a regular meet-up to help each other.

If you’re interested, please “like” this post, comment or send me a quick message and I’d love to help arrange an event.

Thanks, Ken


Ya! I would love to!


I’d definitely be interested

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Let’s do it!

Where do we have largest concentration of users? I am in Oakland.


If you want our help let us know (support@bubble.is). Bubble now has a meetup pro account so we can add a group there (and will cover the fee for it).

I hope you guys will be able to do something.


I am in SF. Lets get an event together soon!

Would love to - San Jose

@michael2 glad to hear the interest. I’ve organized the last two get togethers and would be happy to do another. I’m mid Peninsula based.

@kenneth_r_schmidt (the post author) and I were chatting recently about getting another one together. Looks like a good enough excuse to me!

If there are any other SF/Bay Area Bubblers, feel free to speak up here.

That would be great Dan. My availability is is generally better on the weekends. That being said, please do whatever is most convenient for the entire group.

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Missed this earlier. would love to meetup this week. 9/24-9/29. Traveling for work Monday then on vacation overseas for 2 weeks. Here is my email to help coordinate: kenneth_r_schmidt@yahoo.com

Count me in for a SF meetup! Also, if there are any Bubble experts I’m looking for additional bubble help. Thanks!

@kcronin99 - glad to hear it! I’m going to coordinate time with @kenneth_r_schmidt.

Bay Area Roll Call (tagging those I can recall off hand. Apologies if I’m missing anyone. Please @ mention others).
@kcronin99, @michael2, @kenneth_r_schmidt, @igor, @ben7, @garrett.mccurrach, @joann.kuo, @andrewngilbert, @tehoffmann2, @edd, @brentsum, @vlad, @stephanie, @andersan, @ahaller, @alex4, @david2

Where works for you?

  • Anything Works
  • San Francisco (ie. SOMA)
  • Mid Peninsula (San Mateo)
  • San Jose (Downtown)

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SF here.

@keith - you’re in SF? Glad to hear it!

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SF. FiDi here…meeting elsewhere is ok too

East Bay, south of Oakland. Given the options presented, San Jose would be preferable to SF.

Sure. I would like to Join this group.

@laurence - didn’t know you were in the Bay Area. Good to know!

@brentparker76 glad to know you’re out here as well!

East Bay

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Has this happened yet, if not is there a date? extremely interested!

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