Anyone know how to display videos from Cloudinary?

Greetings, community! I need to display video stored in Cloudinary inside of my app. I’m currently seeing the default Bubble video plugin only allows for Vimeo or YouTube. Anyone have suggestions for alternative video players that work well?

@brycevernon, I actually learned about it from you, so any thoughts?

Cloudinary has a video player you could check out, I believe. I’m not actually needing to play the videos and so I haven’t looked into it much.

I use cloudinary for storage and for generating auto gifs and thumbs :+1:t2:

Bit late, but maybe this is helpful?

Ah. Makes sense. Thanks for the reply, @brycevernon.

Thanks for that, @alex.pethick. Sounds like Cloudinary is indeed supported with @pork1977gm’s plugin but looks like not very many Bubblers are using Cloudinary’s platform; seems Mux may be the way to go.

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