Which Video Player is the best?


I was using the video.js plugin by No Code Co which has now been deprecated. I’m looking for another video player, one that can play every video file type. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Thank you

I love my video player

I believe that when choosing a plugin you are not just choosing the functions but also the developer behind it. @pork1977gm has gone above and beyond in support of this plugin in my experience, and the plugin provides an incredible amount of functionality, including the function of playing every video file type as far as I am aware.

In fact, I wanted to use Google Drive for my video file storage because it is the cheapest option out there, and @pork1977gm actually went as far as to add this functionality to the plugin for me.


Thank you.

I will check this out. I greatly appreciate it.

Hi @boston85719 , can you share the app that you used this solution for? and how is the performance when you used google drive?

thanks in advance.

Link above is to a tutorial on the site using the plugin

I’ve had multiple reports from users that the videos are not accessible. I’ve reported it to the developer in the past and he was quick to attempt to resolve, and for a long period of time it felt like it was resolved.

I’ve recently in the past couple of months have had 4 reports from users regarding inaccessible videos, which is something that a refresh of the page usually resolves, but most users of apps don’t attempt.

I have not reported the recent reports to the developer.

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Thanks @boston85719 really appreciate your feedback