Multi-word tags | Adding multiple things into a list from one input field

I’m using the Multi Dropdown element to enter tags, but would like the user to be able to enter multi-word tags. For example, I’m tying artists to a song and would like the user to enter the artist’s full name, such as Elvis Presley. Right now I can only get the tags to be one word. When I go to add the space between the first and last name it creates a tag for just the first name.

The reasons that I’m trying to use Multi Dropdown is that sometimes a song can be two or more artists who collaborated.

Is there any way to change this? Should I be using a different input?


@NigelG Is this something you know how to do?

Another option is to create an add fuction similar to the one when adding an entry into the DB. Is there a tutorial on how to do this?

input artist

Yes, I think it should be possible.

So if they enter “Elvis Presley” you want to create tags for “Elvis” and “Presley” ?

@NigelG no, I’d like to have just one tag that is “Elvis Presley.” Right now it creates two tags. “Elvis” and “Presley”

Where are you entering the tags ?

I’m using a multi dropdown input to enter the tags.

Ah, ok, I think I get it now.

So you have tags which are single words … and you want to enter multiple words to build up a tag ? So “Elvis” and “Presley” gives “Elvis Presely” and “Elvis” and “Costello” gives “Elvis Costello” ?

@NigelG Simply put, I just want the user to be able to type Elvis Presley and the tag becomes “Elvis Presley.”

Yes, but that is not part of the multi drop-down.

I know that now. Yet, it should be. It would make adding multiple entries to a list much easier.

Are you aware of another way to accomplish adding multiple entries to a list similar to how you can add multiple items in the data tab?


Do you want the user to be able to add it ? Or is it an admin thing ?

You can have an input field, and add that to the database ?

The user needs to be able to add new artists or select from currently entered artists.

I will put together an example, that might be easier.

Ok, so this is an example of the multidropdown, with a box to add in “new” items, and the new item gets added to the selection (which is probably the tricky bit) when you add it.

The multidropdown works as standard, but it has a default set to a custom state. The custom state is kept in line with the values in the multidropdown, but gets added to when a new Artist is added, and then you reset the group to reset the values to add the new value.


Thanks a ton, Nigel! That’s what I needed.

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