Anyone Noticed Anything Funky with RG Cell Heights in New Responsive?

While working on my “My Sinatra Gallery” demo this afternoon, I noticed a OCD-inducing issue with my beautiful Sinatras. I could have sworn that my responsive settings were previously making all my RG cell cards the same height, but then today they were ever so slightly different.

I think there’s a bug in how Bubble is computing/setting the height of the outermost cell group, and I’m pretty sure it’s affecting Bubble’s own app as well.

For example, aren’t these cards supposed to be all the same height, @bubble?

Poor Birthday Party Sinatra… ever so slightly bigger than his companions:

Bummer. ‘Course, could be I was mistaken about my previous settings and how the apps/plugins cards looked but :man_shrugging:. (And if I wasn’t mistaken about the plugins cards, well, man those are ugly when the line lengths are different.)

You can do either.

For example if you have a repeating group with vertical scroll (non masonry) it will not collapse row 2 into row one on that collapsed group. If you do have the masonry grid option selected it will make the row 2 come up and collapse into row 1 (similar to Pinterest)

To accomplish what bubble did you will use a non masonry vertical scroll repeating group with the inner group vertical alignment set to align top and all inner elements set to have fit to height if possible. If you select vertical stretch it will cause all groups to be equal heights in the row. The height will be equal to the largest height in the row.

i’m unsure if what you’re experiencing is a bug or correct based of of your settings in your RG/inner group.

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Hey thanks for the detailed response @chris.williamson1996 - could be I nuked vertical stretch. (Or perhaps never had it on.)

But also, what Bubble’s doing in the plugin list is pretty ugly and I see that enough that I feel like I would have actively hated it any time. Go figure if not new.

Welp, it seems I either nuked vertical stretch or didn’t have it set and didn’t notice, @chris.williamson1996. LMK if you want a gratis copy of Floppy (PM me the app id and I’ll authorize it for you).

Edit: I still don’t think I’m totally crazy and I feel like this is a setting that mighta gotten messed up by the beta editor, but also I suppose I might have even clicked it on video in my demo while being a fat-fingered chucklefudge and y’all (I’m looking at you, @mikeloc) are pointing at me and jeering.

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