Anyone seeing weird issues with Bubble?

I am seeing very weird things happening across multiple apps

I have deleted workflows and yet it is still running the workflow that was deleted.

Just having another issue where it is not showing the correct date in an input but when you debug it - it shows the correct date.

Anyone else seeing weird things?

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I had an odd one recently. I went to resize a group that contained nested RG’s and it deleted the whole group. Was unable to undo and had no save point (something I need to get in the habit of doing). Instead of reporting it, it was quicker to just rebuild but worth mentioning here in case of a repeat.

I got the same problem, and the problem is that the deleted workflow that is running doesn’t show on the step-by-step and makes bubble to skip the workflow that should be reading, I’m really pissed out…

Not only workflows, it also reads conditional formating already deleted

Did you solve your problem?

I have had issues with editor randomly adding elements, I’m using a track pad so at first I thought it was due to the pad going crazy, but after seeing it happening without me moving the cursor I’m thinking that’s not it. I have seen it reported by several users, so I think it’s a community known issue? I’m using safari, I think Chrome is the recommended browser, so might be a browser issue.
I’m having lots of GUI bugs In general in Safari, and have seen them in chrome as well.

Today I have had issues with the editor timing out when trying to save, cheekily blaming my connection speed even though I have 100/100 fiber wired and no connection issues with any other source.

Neither of these issue can be reported as bugs really, since there’s absolutely no way to reproduce them reliably.

Overall it has been a very tough weekend for the Bubble infrastructure: Bubble Status

I’m also having issues with backend workflows not actually doing what they’re supposed today, which makes debugging almost impossible, is it me or it the system. no way to tell currently.

I wonder whats going on, it makes me nervous frankly.

EDIT: wow I just saw the status page. Looks like the past couple weeks have been rough. I hope this isn’t the sign of something too big to handle.

Now getting new error message for the first time in 3 years asking for a google API key. I suspect it is a change to do with a plugin (which has not changed), but it would be nice to know when changes are made.

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