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Almost unusable at the moment?

is it just me, or is bubble being very weird at the moment ?

Workflows that you can’t add actions to …

Things randomly disappearing … and then re-appearing.

Database updates in the app just not happening for a couple of minutes…

Most odd :smile:

Yes things disappeared from the workflow for a particular event, had to remove the event and build the workflow again for that event.Happened more than a couple of times.

We’re looking into it

Thanks. If it isn’t just me then will leave it alone for a while whilst you look at it.

This is still happening , Not able to work :frowning:

I’ve been unable to open the editor for the last 2 hours.
Anyone else having this issue?

I tried different browsers, reloaded many times but nothing happens.
Interestingly I can start a Lesson and the editor opens but can’t edit or start my own project.

I guess it was just slow. Works fine now.